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operational research and

management science Letters


New Journal, 2016
Frequency: Annually
Commenced Publication 2016
Editor-in-Chief: Kaveh Sheibani, Ph.D.


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volume 1, number 1


Regular Articles

Modeling a naval force protection scenario in MANA
P Dobias and C Eisler | Operational Research and Management Science Letters 1: 2-7 | Full Text PDF

Two agents single machine scheduling problem with total completion time and total weighted completion time objectives
H Li and Y Gajpal | Operational Research and Management Science Letters 1: 8-16 | Full Text PDF

Deconstructing record-to-record travel for the capacitated vehicle routing problem
P Schittekat and K Sörensen | Operational Research and Management Science Letters 1: 17-27 | Full Text PDF

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