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Lecture Notes in
Management Science


ISSN 2008-0050 (Print)
ISSN 1927-0097 (Online)
Frequency: Irregular
Commenced Publication 2008
Editor-in-Chief: Kaveh Sheibani, Ph.D.

Titles Published

Volume 9, December 2017

9th International Conference on Applied Operational Research, Proceedings
Volume Editors: Y-Z Lin, K Sheibani, M Hagiwara, J-H Tang, Y-J Chen
Taoyuan, Taiwan 18-20 December 2017


Regular Articles

Simulated annealing optimization of tuned mass dampers for vibration control of seismic-excited buildings
M-Y Liu, W-C Liang and Y-Z Lin | Lecture Notes in Management Science 9: 1-9 | Full Text PDF

Modeling emergency medical response to a mass casualty incident in multiple locations
Y-Z Lin and P-J Liao | Lecture Notes in Management Science 9: 10-17 | Full Text PDF

Estimating the optimal intra-company wage gaps for improving productivity-evidence from Japanese listed company-
M Hagiwara | Lecture Notes in Management Science 9: 18-25 | Full Text PDF

Job insertion for the pickup and delivery problem with time windows
Y Qu and T Curtois | Lecture Notes in Management Science 9: 26-32 | Full Text PDF

Dynamic appointment scheduling in priority queueing systems with access time targets
CK Yuk Lin | Lecture Notes in Management Science 9: 33-40 | Full Text PDF

Benchmark functions based performance evaluation by inference model Pyramid Tree (PT) and Operation Tree (OT)
L-C Lien, S-B Chen, J-Y Xu, Y-N Liu and Q-S Wang | Lecture Notes in Management Science 9: 41-48 | Full Text PDF

Benchmarking state road transport undertakings of India: a DEA-based stepwise approach
P Saxena | Lecture Notes in Management Science 9: 49-56 | Full Text PDF

An application of matrix games with trapezoidal intuitionistic fuzzy pay offs to transportation problem
RR Saxena, R Chopra, S Kumar | Lecture Notes in Management Science 9: 57-65 | Full Text PDF

A stochastic simulation based genetic algorithm for a production repair model
RK Jana, Y Gajpal, and B Chakraborty | Lecture Notes in Management Science 9: 66-72 | Full Text PDF

ISSN 2008-0050 (Print), ISSN 1927-0097 (Online)




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