Cedric Hervet, Chardy Matthieu




Due to the emergence of bandwidth-requiring services, telecommunication operators are being compelled to renew their fix access net-work, most of them favoring the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology. For long, network design strategies have been driven by mere deployment CAPital EXpenditures (CAPEX). Today however, experience gathered from former networks management strongly pushes in favor of the consideration of many other sources of costs for the design of networks and operational deployment schemes. This paper focuses on the decision problem of the optimization FTTH networks under Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) considerations. Mixed integer formulations, extending the classical generalized integer flow model, are proposed for the modeling of this decision problem. Extensive numerical tests on real-life in-stances prove the efficiency of branch and bound solving approaches for such models. Assessment of the economical impact of OA&M considerations is also made. Routing problems show the practical relevance of this approach. Extensive tests have been performed on real-life instances in order to assess both the efficiency of branch and bound solving approaches on our models and the economic impact of the integration of such considerations on CAPEX costs.


Lecture Notes in Management Science (2011) Vol. 3: 539-550

3rd International Conference on Applied Operational Research, Proceedings

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ISSN 2008-0050 (Print)

ISSN 1927-0097 (Online)




·         Introduction

·         Mathematical Modeling

·         K-Level PON Network Design

·         PON Network Design Under OA&M Constraints

·         OA&M And The “Splitter Delocation” Rule

·         OA&M And The “Household Grouping” Rule

·         Problem Formulation

·         Numerical Tests

·         Test Description

·         Numerical Results

·         Impact Of OA&M Constraints

·         Conclusion

·         References


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