Umut Besikci, Umit Bilge, Gunduz Ulusoy




The multi-project problem environment under consideration involves multiple-projects with activities having alternative execution modes, a general resource budget and a resource management policy that does not allow sharing of resources among projects. The multi-project scheduling model for this problem environment is called Resource Portfolio Problem. There are three basic conceptual problems in RPP: (i) determining the general resource capacities from the given general resource budget (general resource capacities determination); (ii) dedication of the general resource capacities to projects (resource dedication) and finally (iii) scheduling of individual projects with the given resource dedications. In this study, different preference based improvement heuristics are proposed for general resource capacities determination and resource dedication conceptual problems. For general resource capacities determination, the current general resource capacity values are changed according to the resource preferences such that the resulting capacity state would be more preferable. Similarly for resource dedication, resource dedication values of projects are changed according to the preferences of projects for resources such that the resulting resource dedication state would be more preferable. These two improvement heuristics separates and couples the conceptual problems. Different preference calculation methods are proposed employing Lagrangian relaxation and linear relaxation of MRCPSP formulation.


Lecture Notes in Management Science (2011) Vol. 3: 313-322

3rd International Conference on Applied Operational Research, Proceedings

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ISSN 2008-0050 (Print)

ISSN 1927-0097 (Online)




·         Introduction

·         Resource Portfolio Problem

·         Preference Based Improvement Heuristics For Resource Portfolio Problem

·         Combinatorial Auction For Resource Dedication

·         Linear Relaxation Based Preference Calculation

·         Lagrangian Relaxation Based Preference Calculation

·         Moving To A More Preferable Solution

·         Combinatorial Auction For Resource Portfolio

·         Generating A New Solution With Preference Based Improvement Heuristics

·         Conclusions And Further Research Topics

·         Acknowledgements

·         References


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