Archin Songthap




This quasi-experimental study proposed to assess the changes in HPV vaccine acceptability, and knowledge and attitude regarding HPV, cervical cancer, and HPV vaccine after intervention among Thai adolescents. Two secondary schools under the Ministry of Education located in Bangkok which recruited male and female students aged between 12 – 15 years were selected, one school as an intervention group and the other as the control group. Of 194 and 164 students for the intervention and the control groups were obtained. Data collection was done between June and September, 2010 using self-administered questionnaire and educational tools, including fact sheet and multimedia concerning HPV, cervical cancer, and HPV vaccine. Statistics used for data analysis included frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, paired t-test, and McNemar test. The results revealed that after intervention, level of knowledge in the intervention group changed significantly from moderate to high level. On the other hand, level of knowledge in the control group was observed at moderate level before and after intervention. Most of the attitude in the intervention group increased significantly from neutral to positive after intervention whereas the attitude in the control group was neutral before and after intervention. After intervention, proportion of students in the intervention group who were willing to get vaccination rose from 24 % to 47 % whereas the willingness to get vaccination decreased from 26% and 24 % in the control group. Greater changes in knowledge, attitude, and acceptability were observed in the intervention group than those in the control group after intervention. Therefore, health care provider should consider educational tools to introduce HPV vaccine for Thai adolescent appropriately.


Lecture Notes in Management Science (2011) Vol. 3: 147-156

3rd International Conference on Applied Operational Research, Proceedings

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·         Introduction

·         Material And Method

·         Instruments

·         Statistics Analysis

·         Ethical Consideration

·         Results

·         Knowledge

·         Attitude

·         Acceptability

·         Conclusion

·         Acknowledgement

·         References


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